Pengalaman E-commerce Perpaduan Timur dan Barat

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Ketika Telkom bertemu ebay

Siapa yang tidak kenal keduanya? Rupanya pertemuan keduanya ini berujung pada lahirnya sebuah situs e-commerce bernama Dari namanya saja sudah mengundang Anda apalagi kalau bukan berbelanja. Menyandang nama kedua raksasa di dunia teknologi dari timur dan barat bisa dipastikan Anda akan dimanjakan dan Continue reading Pengalaman E-commerce Perpaduan Timur dan Barat

Eksis di Dunia Maya Lewat Media Sosial

I had the pleasure to be a guest speaker to talk about social media at Referensiana, a Sindo TV’s live featured talk show targeted for female audience. Sindo TV is a national cable tv part of the MNC Media Group, the largest and most integrated media group in SEA.

This invitation actually reminded me of a talk show session I’ve held before, organized with Dell Indonesia and Elex Media Komputindo.

And of course this is the recording of the show. It took me some time to edit the original file. Tech stuff with the codec.

Dealing with the TV media was Continue reading Eksis di Dunia Maya Lewat Media Sosial

My Evernote User Case for Aspiring Writers Out There

“I rely on Evernote to work seamlessly across the many platforms and gadgets that I use. In fact, the manuscript for my book, the first about Evernote in Bahasa Indonesia, “Mengingat Segalanya dengan Evernote (Remember Everything with Evernote)” was written mobile using the Evernote’s family of products on five different gadgets.”

When I was planning to write my book about Evernote an idea came cross to my mind. Why not use Evernote’s family of products to do it? I’ve managed to write articles for a couple of media with it anyway. I have written 6 books before and I knew that writing books will be more complex than writing articles. And it will be something I have never done before. But the thought of able to write it mobile excited me. It would be an experiment that I still needed to complete on time based on my publisher’s deadline. But I took the chance anyway.

So, there I was using Evernote as a hub for my upcoming book called “Mengingat Segalanya dengan Evernote (Remember Everything with Evernote)”. It was going to be the first book about Evernote in Indonesia. I started by organizing all of the research materials and references on a certain notebook, “ref”. Most of the stuffs were from the internet that I clipped using either Clearly or the Web Clipper. I also used other apps from the trunk. Some are my own created notes, emails, shared notes, and documentation from my adventurous trip visiting Evernote’s head quarter at Redwood City and Continue reading My Evernote User Case for Aspiring Writers Out There