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Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

Last week I watched The Princess Diaries, the first serial. I’ve been looking for Anne Hathaway’s movies since I watched The Devil Wears Prada. She’s so gorgeous. The Princess Diaries was produced at 2001, but she still looks young as ever.

Well, I’m not a fan of a girlie-girlie things, but the movie turned out to be a fine one. What I want to share is that in the movie there was a scene when the main character, Mia read a letter from her father for her 16th birthday.

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My Second Book, Step by Step Facebook, Updated

Step by Step Facebook

I got hooked up at facebook because my editor wanted me to write a book about it. And here it this, my second book, Step by Step Facebook. Already in store from 20th January 2009 :p This book talks about how you can use facebook to leverage your networks of friends, relations, and clients. You can use it personally as your usual social networking site with more interesting features that makes you addicted. Or, you can use it professionally as a bridge to your clients, making your own community, and building your brand. You even can use facebook ads to promote your product or service with flexibility in terms of the cost. Paid it by cpm or per clicks.

This is book also reviewed how facebook revolutionized the world of social networking by barking in into new marketing ideas and open access that allowed other people (like you and me) to create applications on their platform, FBML and make money out of it. Even Barack Obama use it to revolutionized the way to do a presidency campaign. It a success indeed since now Obama is the president of USA. There are also many facts and criminal actions around facebook that not many people knows. You can get tips on how to protect your privacy as well.

Book Details

Step by Step Facebook
Publisher: Elex Media Komputindo
Editor: Whindy Yoevestian
Category: internet
Size: 14 x 21 cm
Pages: 222
ISBN: 9789792742497
Price: Rp 35800
Publish Date: 20 January 2009
Target Readers: social networking users,  internet user, college students, everyone

Order & information, contact:
(62-21) 536 50 110 / 111 ext. 3901 / 3902
Online Service:
Suggestion & Complain:

Ph. (62-31) 841 2913
contact us

You can buy the book online here and other book stores and Gramedia: – 25% off

You can download the Free Step by Step Facebook Sample Chapter here.

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facebook Real Time Stream Updates

As we all know facebook has changed the its homepage, profile pages, and activity streams since last March. You can see the details on the picture below. The redesigned homepage will allow users to:

  1. sort through and filter their feed more easily. Updates will be able to be filtered by groups, specific friends, family, or by applications.
    We all can see this now….
  2. A new publishing box for sharing updates will incorporate the ability to add not just status notes, but also links, photos, and videos.
    We all can see this now….
  3. A new widget will highlight items from friends and other connections members interact with the most.
    Still not happening….
  4. see real-time updates
    I can’t really see that….
facebook new homepage

One of the great things about facebook is they let us know what is happening in our network of friends, family, colleague, and others. So I was wondering do they really implement no. 4?

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Tip-Trik Pilihan Blogger

My First Book, Tip-Trik Pilihan Blogger

Tip-Trik Pilihan Blogger
Tip-Trik Pilihan Blogger

Sorry for my absent. I’ve been busy with things happened in my life and work nowadays. It’s a bit late to tell you about my first book. Yes, this is my first book, published with stunning cover 🙂 And you have not seen the last of it. Currently I’m writing a new book as well. I ‘ll tell it about it later.

This book is talking about blogging with Blogger of course. It’s about building your blog from scratch, filling the contents, picking your topics, promoting your blog, and how to make money by blogging the right way.You can buy the book at local book store or order online at You’ll get a 15% discount from Rp 32.800 to Rp 27.880 😀 If you find it difficult to find the book you can order the e-book version to me. Just comment on this post :).

Book Details

Tip-Trik Pilihan Blogger

No. ISBN: 978-979-273-060-9
Writer: Sartika Kurniali
Publisher: Elex Media Komputindo
Published Date: 2 Juli – 2008
Dimension: 14×21 cm
Category: Internet
Bonus: CD + video tutorial
Text: Bahasa Indonesia


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