A Christmas Gift from Paypal

paypal wishlist
paypal wishlist

Remember the Paypal WishList application on facebook that I’ve posted before? I got the present the other day. Still in the christmas spirit, better late then never….

This is the email confirmation. Right now, I’m waiting the gift’s arrival on my bank account :p

And I don’t think Paypal filter the referrals because I got the same number just like the facebook application stated. I thought the credit onlyย  for referral who sign up Paypal account. I don’t get the maximum number of 100$, but I got $28. Enough to brighten my day. So for those of you who tag along, how much do you get?

7 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift from Paypal

  1. Yeah! the program is awesome. I've got $21 but haven't transferred it to my bank account. Maybe I will use this money to shop online ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Well, the Paypal WishList was made with Christmas and new year spirit. Now, the application is asking us to update the wish list for valentine's day. Not updating mine unless they wanna give valentine gift as well haha…

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