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Sylar is Giving Away Keynotes

Who Said We Can’t Take Advise from A Villain with Super Powers?


I have been watching the heroes, TV series since season one and quite fond of it. This series gave away some new perspectives about the word “heroes” itself. It is really something compare to seeing marvel’s super heroes parade (note superman, batman, spidey, etc).

Usually in this kind of story, we all idolize the good guy and mock on the bad guy. This is the story where everything is as clear as black and white. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t always have that luxury. Something that the heroes series is closer to. Suddenly you might find life is grey. And while you get older you find more greyness, like your hair for instance 😀

And I’m thinking it is only sane that we take advise from good guys, but it is also not that insane to take advise from the bad guys. As I watched Heroes season 3, Chapter Three — Building 26 I find this scene particularly interesting because of these lines by Sylar. Yes, Sylar is the dreadful brain man who eats brain belongs to other people with abilities to have their powers. Being a successful villain from season 1 to 4 while others get killed less than 1 season he must have something.

In this scene he was trying to teach something to a young rascal with abilities. This was what Continue reading

Role of Social Media Applications on The Internet in Knowledge Management Process

This is just yet another my college assignment on Strategic Knowledge Management. In this paper I tried to find a connection between knowledge management and the hype of social media.


Application of knowledge management on the Internet is increasing. This is because the Internet offers new opportunities to use the knowledge assets, defining new types of knowledge assets, and spread even outside the organization. On the Internet itself now appears social media as a system of Internet-based knowledge sharing. Social media itself is nothing new, but now has changed into enabling more interactions in a more interactive ways and the number of the users has increased more then ever. The results showed knowledge management and social media have almost the same components. This allows the role of social media on the application of knowledge management, such as a collaboration tool with a clear business objective.

So, here it is and tell me Continue reading

The Strategic Potential of The Internet.jpg

The Strategic Potential of The Internet, Strategy and the Internet

The Strategic Potential of The Internet
The Strategic Potential of The Internet

Many have argued that the Internet renders strategy obsolete. In reality, the opposite is true. Because the Internet tends to weaken industry profitability without providing proprietary operational advantages, it is more important than ever for companies to distinguish themselves through strategy. The winners will be those that view the Internet as a complement to, not a cannibal of, traditional ways of competing.

This is another group presentation we did on Corporate IT Strategy class. The presentation will walk you through a paper called The Strategic Potential of The Internet, Strategy and the Internet by Michael E. Porter published by Harvard Business Review or the HBR. Since all HBR paper is a looooong one, you might find this helpful.

Still though, read the whole paper to get in touch with the very inspirational minds of Mr. Porter.  You can find the paper here:

  1. Strategy and the Internet
  2. Strategy and the Internet

This paper talked how people especially business so eager to jump into the intenet and made a big deal out of it. Not to mention to be the first mover myth. Remember the big dot com falls? But by doing so they had forgotten their strategy and just hoping everything will be settled after they used the internet.

Instead of doing so, Mr. Porter suggest that we use the internet as a complement and that the internet hype (and so called the new economy) is making its way to the end. And that every thing with an “e” must be merged into the business strategy. Eventually the “e” factor will become Continue reading

Web Comparison

Web Comparison, International Consumer Product: Nokia, Samsung Mobile, Sony Ericsson

Web Comparison
Web Comparison

This is a group presentation we did on class. Here we did a comparison for 3 international consumer product. In this case they were Nokia, Samsung Mobile, Sony Ericsson. You might find it interesting.  Before jumping into the comparison in detail, I want to highlight some points, such as how cell phones (They are the big 3 in cell phones industry) has evolved and why web is important for these companies?

  • Most cellphone user internet literature and familiar with e-commerce.
  • User diversity
  • User need detail info of the product (specification, dimention,etc)
  • Upgrade/download system or other application  (even can drive more profit)
  • Vendors need third party development to improve their platform

You also can find some unique characteristics in these webs, such as:

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Internet Sehat Blog Award

Hey, Got a Blog Award

Weekly winner for Internet Sehat Blog Award, first week of August 2009I build this blog back on April 2009. It was after I’ve decided that I want “my own” blog. Not that this is my first blog. Before, I used retsu782000pocket as my personal blog. After blogging with blogspot for a while I think I’m ready for the real thing.

As a blogger you get “paid” when someone made a good comment and people talked about your blog. Today, I was surprised when someone added me as a friend in facebook and told me that he saw my blog on detikInet. It turned out that I was one of the weekly winner. So, thank you to the judges at Internet Sehat Blog Award that pick this blog. Not to mention the expose on detikInet. It really helped me to promote this blog and boosted my spirit to blog more and more 🙂

This is what they were saying about this blog on the announcement: Continue reading