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Cara Pintar Eksis di Media Sosial

Beberapa bulan lalu, saya diundang menjadi pembicara di salah satu acara hasil kerja sama antara Dell Indonesia, Gramedia, dan Elex Media Komputindo. Topiknya tidak lain soal media sosial.

Peserta yang datang cukup ramai. Bahkan sampai ada pembaca buku terdahulu yang ikut serta karena mengetahui event ini dari facebook saya. Profil pesertanya juga beragam. Ada yang lagi mau kuliah, admin twitter komunitas penggemar Harry Potter, admin media sosial di radio, karyawan, dan lainnya.

Foto Bersama setelah Acara
Foto Bersama setelah Acara

Yang mau kuliah ingin tahu bagaimana caranya Continue reading Cara Pintar Eksis di Media Sosial

Step by Step Facebook is Hot on Facebook

hot on facebook
hot on facebook

A few weeks ago I received this email from Slideshare. The email told me that my preview of the book Step by Step Facebook is being talked about on Facebook more than any other document on SlideShare at that point. So they’ve put it on the homepage of (in the “Hot on Facebook” section).

I just feel happy that people are talking about it 🙂 This email really made my day. Check out the presentation Continue reading Step by Step Facebook is Hot on Facebook

The Tide of Social Media Books

The Tide of Sosial Media BooksThe craze for sosial media is everywhere and here in Indonesia it is not an exception. Recently I was interviewed by Tempo magazine for that matter. Well, there are other writers who were getting interviewed. Not just from my publisher partner, Elex Media Komputindo, but also Mediakita. I guessed we now know who are responsible for publishing so many of these social media books. Read the full post, Musim Pasang Buku Media Sosial.

For social media books in Indonesia, blog is the past, facebook is the present, and perhaps twitter is the future? Just my predictions. Eventhough there are many writers want a piece of this hype (and perhaps more if they can), I don’t think being the first to published book with the next boom topic is always good.

You might get in too early, that means your book is just sitting on the shelf. You’re lucky if you are only a month early. If it’s too early you’ll lose because social media is changing very rapidly (especially now and it’s going faster) and your book end up out of date. It will be an advantage if you write about the major social media because you end up with bigger market as well.

Given so, I’d like to think that as a writer we shouldn’t just chase the next boom topic Continue reading The Tide of Social Media Books

Hey, Got a Blog Award

Weekly winner for Internet Sehat Blog Award, first week of August 2009I build this blog back on April 2009. It was after I’ve decided that I want “my own” blog. Not that this is my first blog. Before, I used retsu782000pocket as my personal blog. After blogging with blogspot for a while I think I’m ready for the real thing.

As a blogger you get “paid” when someone made a good comment and people talked about your blog. Today, I was surprised when someone added me as a friend in facebook and told me that he saw my blog on detikInet. It turned out that I was one of the weekly winner. So, thank you to the judges at Internet Sehat Blog Award that pick this blog. Not to mention the expose on detikInet. It really helped me to promote this blog and boosted my spirit to blog more and more 🙂

This is what they were saying about this blog on the announcement: Continue reading Hey, Got a Blog Award

Step by Step Facebook as Seen on

step by step facebook on
step by step facebook on

Today, I was opening and found an interesting flash banner that was an ad by GramediaShop.

In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s an online book store that sells books from all KKG publishers, such as Elex Media Komputindo, GPU, etc. So it’s not like the normal Gramedia book store we usually see at the mall. This is more like a direct channel from the publishers itself to you.

Well, what surprised me was that Step by Step Facebook was there on the homepage of Well, it’s not the only book that is getting the exposure.  Continue reading Step by Step Facebook as Seen on