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Getting The Vibe from Facebook Application

Last week I was invited to University of Indonesia as a guest lecturer at the Psychology faculty.¬† I was at two consumer psychology classes. The presentation was an overview on how to make a great facebook application in order to help them on their assignment. Which is to made a concept of a facebook application that promote a faculty’s event called Dapur (Tenda Purnama) 2010. The facebook application should have a great consumer experience design. So no techies here, but it should give you a clear view about facebook application.

Too bad I can’t access facebook on the class, so no demo there. It’s hard to explain these kind of stuff with out watching it on action ūüôĀ I’ve included some links on the case studies if you want to try the application or for further reading.

The presentation started by explaining the current condition of facebook application. This is the agenda:

  • The¬†Stat of facebook application
  • The¬†Apps
  • Basic¬†Interactions
  • How¬†to¬†Make¬†The¬†Apps
  • Case¬†Studies
  • Some¬†Key¬†Notes

From my perspective there are 4 ways to make a facebook application. It doesn’t always have to be from the tough way of start from scratch like what Burger King did with the Whopper Sacrifice.

  1. Use existing apps
  2. Connect existing services Connect existing services
  3. Start from scratch
    ‚Äď Just¬†apps
    ‚Äď Custom apps Custom¬†apps
  4. Collaborate with existing apps Collaborate with existing apps

Note that sometimes the facebook application doesn’t stand alone. A facebook page or a web links maybe required depends on what the application objectives.

You can check the whole presentation below. Continue reading Getting The Vibe from Facebook Application

Role of Social Media Applications on The Internet in Knowledge Management Process

This is just yet another my college assignment on Strategic Knowledge Management. In this paper I tried to find a connection between knowledge management and the hype of social media.


Application of knowledge management on the Internet is increasing. This is because the Internet offers new opportunities to use the knowledge assets, defining new types of knowledge assets, and spread even outside the organization. On the Internet itself now appears social media as a system of Internet-based knowledge sharing. Social media itself is nothing new, but now has changed into enabling more interactions in a more interactive ways and the number of the users has increased more then ever. The results showed knowledge management and social media have almost the same components. This allows the role of social media on the application of knowledge management, such as a collaboration tool with a clear business objective.

So, here it is and tell me Continue reading Role of Social Media Applications on The Internet in Knowledge Management Process

Step by Step Facebook is Hot on Facebook

hot on facebook
hot on facebook

A few weeks ago I received this email from Slideshare. The email told me that my preview of the book Step by Step Facebook is being talked about on Facebook more than any other document on SlideShare at that point. So they’ve put it on the homepage of (in the “Hot on Facebook” section).

I just feel happy that people are talking about it ūüôā This email really made my day. Check out the presentation Continue reading Step by Step Facebook is Hot on Facebook

The Tide of Social Media Books

The Tide of Sosial Media BooksThe craze for sosial media is everywhere and here in Indonesia it is not an exception. Recently I was interviewed by Tempo magazine for that matter. Well, there are other writers who were getting interviewed. Not just from my publisher partner, Elex Media Komputindo, but also Mediakita. I guessed we now know who are responsible for publishing so many of these social media books. Read the full post, Musim Pasang Buku Media Sosial.

For social media books in Indonesia, blog is the past, facebook is the present, and perhaps twitter is the future? Just my predictions. Eventhough there are many writers want a piece of this hype (and perhaps more if they can), I don’t think being the first to published book with the next boom topic is always good.

You might get in too early, that means your book is just sitting on the shelf. You’re lucky if you are only a month early. If it’s too early you’ll lose because social media is changing very rapidly (especially now and it’s going faster) and your book end up out of date. It will be an advantage if you write about the major social media because you end up with bigger market as well.

Given so, I’d like to think that as a writer we shouldn’t just chase the next boom topic Continue reading The Tide of Social Media Books

Step by Step Facebook, The Next Level

Step by Step Facebook The Next Level
Step by Step Facebook The Next Level
Step by Step Facebook The Next Level
Step by Step Facebook The Next Level

Step by Step Facebook, The Next Level is my newest book. It’s pretty much a sequel to the previous book, Step by Step Facebook.

So, what makes it different? This book focus on talking about Facebook from a professional, business, and developer perspective. You can tell that from the contents too. Enough said because you can take a sneak peak on the exclusive preview below.

The book is published on 15th September 2009, but you can get it faster by doing a pre order at + 15% off. Thanks to (Mr. Setiawan) for doing this and helping me with the testimonials. Also for AstraWorld (Mr. Karnanda Kurniardhi), Elex Media Komputindo (Mr. Willys Octavianus), Forum Pembaca Kompas (Mr.Agus Hamonangan), YL, Mr. Alan Hakim, and Mr. Fatrika Istifarjua for letting me use your page as a study case and giving me the testimonial. A special thanks goes to Mr. Onno W. Purbo for giving his opinion on the book. It is an honor for me ūüôā

So, here it is an exclusive preview of the book and you can also download Continue reading Step by Step Facebook, The Next Level