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Hey, Got a Blog Award

Weekly winner for Internet Sehat Blog Award, first week of August 2009I build this blog back on April 2009. It was after I’ve decided that I want “my own” blog. Not that this is my first blog. Before, I used retsu782000pocket as my personal blog. After blogging with blogspot for a while I think I’m ready for the real thing.

As a blogger you get “paid” when someone made a good comment and people talked about your blog. Today, I was surprised when someone added me as a friend in facebook and told me that he saw my blog on detikInet. It turned out that I was one of the weekly winner. So, thank you to the judges at Internet Sehat Blog Award that pick this blog. Not to mention the expose on detikInet. It really helped me to promote this blog and boosted my spirit to blog more and more 🙂

This is what they were saying about this blog on the announcement: Continue reading Hey, Got a Blog Award

Facebook Marketing 101 for Business

Astra World
Astra World

Last Saturday, I was invited to an event by AstraWorld to share some insight on how to use facebook for business. It was their soft launching of the AstraWorld community.

In this presentation I try to depict these points here:

For what?
What you can get from using facebook as one of your business and marketing tools.

How Get to know with the “Social Network”
Why you need to know about facebook and what are the odds.

The tools
Introducing you to facebook tools that will help your presence in facebook and communicate with your targets.

How to measure it? Continue reading Facebook Marketing 101 for Business

Step by Step Facebook as Seen on

step by step facebook on
step by step facebook on

Today, I was opening and found an interesting flash banner that was an ad by GramediaShop.

In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s an online book store that sells books from all KKG publishers, such as Elex Media Komputindo, GPU, etc. So it’s not like the normal Gramedia book store we usually see at the mall. This is more like a direct channel from the publishers itself to you.

Well, what surprised me was that Step by Step Facebook was there on the homepage of Well, it’s not the only book that is getting the exposure.  Continue reading Step by Step Facebook as Seen on

Free Step by Step Facebook Sample Chapter

This is a glimpse of what you can read on Step by Step Facebook. I give you a sample chapter on the third chapter.  This is the table of contents:

1. Apa Itu Facebook?
1.1 Mengapa Social Networking?
1.2 Mari Berkenalan dengan facebook
1.3 Kelebihan dan Kekurangan facebook
1.4 The Next facebook

2. Menjaring Teman

2.1        Daftarkan Saya

2.2        Mengenal Rumah Anda di facebook

2.3        Mengelola Account dan Profil

2.4        Semua Hal Tentang Foto

2.4.1 Menambahkan Album dan Foto

2.4.2 Berbagi Foto

2.4.3 Memberi Tag pada Foto

2.5        Menambahkan Video

2.6        Semua Hal Tentang Teman

2.6.1 Apa itu Teman di facebook?

2.6.2 Menjaring Teman

2.6.3 Menerima Pemintaan Menjadi Teman

2.6.4 Mengelola Daftar Teman

2.7        Bergabung dengan Komunitas Continue reading Free Step by Step Facebook Sample Chapter

Facebook Username, Get Yours Before It’s Too Late

Wanna have your own personal URL link at facebook? That’s got to be on the most wanted list of facebook users. Now you can have it. As of 12:01 a.m. EDT on Saturday, June 13, you’ll be able to choose a username on a first-come, first-serve basis for your profile and the Facebook Pages that you administer by visiting

Username selection is now live at Remember, choosing a username is optional and will give you a distinct Web address for your profile. It will not change the name that appears on your profile, in search or elsewhere on the site.

So if you use to have these ugly link as a URL to your profile, now you can customize it to your own taste.

facebook username

Your new Facebook URL is like your personal destination, or home, on the Web. People can enter a Facebook username as a search term on Facebook or a popular search engine like Google, for example, which will make it much easier for people to find friends with common names.

facebook usernames

When you open, you’ll see this screen that will Continue reading Facebook Username, Get Yours Before It’s Too Late