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default-filters.php Error


Seen this error in your wordpress and don’t know what to do?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in
on line 229

It’ s one of those situation that drives you nuts. Seeing your blog totally messed up and don’t know what to do. Because this error made your blog totally inaccessible.

I got to know that this error was quite common. Since if you google it, there are a lot of links that are shown. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single one that point out the solution. The best reference I can found is this blog post, A look at WordPress filters. Disable wpautop() on post formatting.

Now, it make sense why this error can totally messed up your blog. Continue reading default-filters.php Error

Blue Folder

Blue Folder or Drive Names

Blue Folder
Blue Folder

Do you ever see  your folders or even drive name in blue instead of black? No need to panic, because I also came across this the other day there is a logical explanation about it.

Blue means that your files are encrypted (not very likely) or compressed files. It’s a feature of the NTFS file system used by XP. But I have found that people using other type of Windows are also experiencing the same thing. Even the new Windows 7. Blue files can also appear if you run disk cleanup and choose to “compress old files”.

There’s no problem having your files compressed, you can still access them but it’ll cost you a little more time since Windows will have to Continue reading Blue Folder or Drive Names