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Vote Us, Property for You, to Go to The Global Entrepreneurship Summit

I want to share a great news. Our entry, “Property for You,” made it as one of the GIST Tech-I top 90, an international business competition! And we want to represent Indonesia at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit this October in Malaysia. So, you can check out the video that separate us from the others below and then vote for us at by clicking the blue thumb on the right and confirm it until you got the message “voted”. Feel free to share the vote link above.  The vote ends August 22nd at 5:00PM EST, Washington DC time (UTC-4).

Every vote matters. Feel free to comment and share it to others. Thanks! ~Property for You #GISTTechI90

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A Christmas Gift from Paypal

paypal wishlist
paypal wishlist

Remember the Paypal WishList application on facebook that I’ve posted before? I got the present the other day. Still in the christmas spirit, better late then never….

This is the email confirmation. Right now, I’m waiting the gift’s arrival on my bank account :p

And I don’t think Paypal filter the referrals because I got the same number just like the facebook application stated. I thought the credit only  for referral who sign up Paypal account. I don’t get the maximum number of 100$, but I got Continue reading A Christmas Gift from Paypal

Paypal Wishlist

Up to 100$ Christmas Present for Paypal dan Facebook Users

Paypal Wishlist
Paypal Wishlist

Is today still not December 31st 2009? Check.

18 years old or older and Living in India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore or Vietnam? Check.

Congrats then, you are going to get the chrismas present just by doing this steps:

  1. Go get a facebook account. Yeah, like you don’t already own one?
  2. Successfully complete registration for a new PayPal account before December 31st 2009 if you don’t have one.
  3. Ready to try? Just add the apps
  4. Submit the email address to which your PayPal account is linked to PayPal via the PayPal WishList before December 31st 2009
  5. Make a wishlist. Now you get your first 1$
  6. To get the other $99 just refer it to your friends. 1$ for a friend. Pretty neat bargain, eh? 😛 You can use the invite friends menu or just promote your referral link that you can find after you make a wishlist. Check the Create your WishList link on your wall.
  7. Now all you have to do is make sure you and your referral have a PayPal account in Good Standing, with current contact information throughout the Promotion Period. In order for an account to be deemed in Good Standing as that term is used herein, the account must not have a hold status and/or be suspended or past due as of December 31st, 2009.

Sounds to good to be true? That’s the same thought I had before. But if you’re already using Paypal you can check that this program is official. Just logon to your Continue reading Up to 100$ Christmas Present for Paypal dan Facebook Users