Changing Facebook Layout

Tired of the blue and white facebook layout? Well, there are ways to take your facebook profile appearance to the next level.

You can try using pagerage and yonto. You can try using pagerage and yonto (internet exploler and firefox). It takes more steps, but it works with both famous browsers, internet exploler and firefox.

The second is by using stylish firefox addon, but that makes it limited only to firefox.

Although, these ways can change the looks of your facebook profile, but these changes will only appear to those who have install certain addon use to modify the layout. And you can’t really decide how the modification will be. Since you don’t have the ability to make your own layout by first hand. You are only given access to pick your desired one from a library of predefined layout. Well, at least this is the best thing we can do. Since facebook still making us to stuck with their blue and white minimalism 😉

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