Evernote Reaching Out to Indonesian Users in Bahasa

Evernote’s Dmitry Stavisky (left) and Troy Malone (right)
Evernote’s Dmitry Stavisky (left) and Troy Malone (right)

Since Evernote first launched in 2008, the application now has over 32 million users, 50–70,000 new users per day, and full support for 18 languages, “of course including Bahasa,” says Troy Malone, Evernote’s Asia Pacific general manager, in a small press gathering at FX lifestyle X’nter, Senayan, Jakarta, this past Wednesday.

Evernote’s users are spread all around the globe but most are in the United States, Europe, and perhaps surprisingly Japan. The company now has offices in Silicon Valley, Austin, Zurich, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, and as of last month Seoul. Evernote even launched a separate Chinese version especially for its users in China.

Here in Indonesia there are already more than 120,000 Evernote users. “We don’t have a target, but we hope with the localization of the application in Bahasa, we can hit one million users in the next one year,” said Dmitry Stavisky, Evernote’s vice president of international operations. “It’s our first time here and I think it’s the perfect time to be here,” added Troy. Read more…

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