facebook Real Time Stream Updates

As we all know facebook has changed the its homepage, profile pages, and activity streams since last March. You can see the details on the picture below. The redesigned homepage will allow users to:

  1. sort through and filter their feed more easily. Updates will be able to be filtered by groups, specific friends, family, or by applications.
    We all can see this now….
  2. A new publishing box for sharing updates will incorporate the ability to add not just status notes, but also links, photos, and videos.
    We all can see this now….
  3. A new widget will highlight items from friends and other connections members interact with the most.
    Still not happening….
  4. see real-time updates
    I can’t really see that….
facebook new homepage

One of the great things about facebook is they let us know what is happening in our network of friends, family, colleague, and others. So I was wondering do they really implement no. 4?

I got my answer when I see it myself a couple days ago. It is exactly like what Adam Hupp’s notes about Live Updating the Stream. You will see notification of new post to the feed when it is happening at your homepage. Like this:

facebook real time update
facebook real time update

When facebook launch the new design I thought it’s already happening, since by design it’s already changed. But Adam’s notes explained that this one is done gradually and not to every user at one time.

We’re rolling these changes out gradually, so they will be available to everyone soon.

I’m really looking forward for facebook to make all their features available real time. Like when you got comment for your photo and you comment it back through the photo’s page. You can see on the notification icon saying one of your friends comment it back. But you have to hit the f5 (refresh) to see the new comment. It’s annoying because if it’s a new photo and got popular, friends comment and comment it all the way….

Facebook also made real time updates on notifications, Be the First to Know with Immediate Notifications. You can imagine it like when you use Yahoo Messenger and alerts anytime a contact goes online and offline.

Notifications let you know when people take actions on Facebook related to you, so you can quickly check out a photo you’ve been tagged in or read a new posting on your Wall…
Overall, I like what facebook is doing to make user like me happier with more great updates.

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