Fundamental Concepts and Theories in Knowledge Management

These are my note on the first session of Strategic Knowledge Management.

What drived company from the past up until now:

Cost (70’s) –> quality –> speed –> creativity (21st century)

This is why knowledge management is important. Because it can drive creativity and as a repository of it.

Industrial economy (commercial products) –> knowledge economy(service and expertise)

These two will be a business outcome to the company.

Some new customer expectation includes:

  • customized or even personal product, almost a unique one for each customer
  • multipurpose product and service
  • practical and easy

From the 5 P of knowledge management the most difficult one is people because it is the most difficult aspect to deal with.

The most important point from the effective knowledge culture is openess, honesty, and concern for others is encouraged because this can drive all the other point.

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