Adventuring in Silicon Valley

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The pit stop Finally breathing San Francisco's air. Feeling the chill for sure. It's midnight!
Checked in All natural bluish fog
The multi purpose conference spot Two things you don't see everyday in an office Open space office
It's packed! Everyone is coming here for ETC The free food, ups I mean energy You can definitely write or whatsoever on every wall and get away with it. Courtesy of IdeaPaint
A moment to pose The new elephant's HQ The Caltrain experience
Twinkling San Francisco Evernote for Schools: Creating Portfolios Workshop So sunny over here
Straight to the main lobby Lunch at Google's Cafe. Safely captured on my Evernote Food. Google's first generation server
Everything is in blue, red, yellow, and green The government just can't stop the Googlers's wish to swim Not a meeting room, but a hangout room
Every room can be booked online by anyone Healthy snacks only Some of the toys
Photos 1 - 30 out of 100 | Back to Albums
Description: Met great @[30670583128:274:Evernote]'s folks and be acquainted with more folks from all over the world. Good to hear more of them had a good time experiencing Indonesia. Great fellow traveler. Went to these exciting spots: Evernote HQ, Evernote Trunk Conference (ETC), @[104958162837:274:Google] HQ, Muir Woods National Park, @[177408845639699:274:Fisherman's Wharf], and more. Many first time experience and awe moments. Loved San Francisco's air. So much less sweat and dust. More healthy food available. So much friendlier to the pedestrians. With that in mind, I can definitely get used to the chill and fog. P.S. Funny how one thing lead to another and like minded people can come together. Thank you Evernote and everyone that make it an awesome adventure, Silicon Valley style!

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