My Journey in Apps Development

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Radius Administration Service Manager. College final Project (team). Back when I was into networking. Won a software competition back then. Binus Maya, Binus University own Learning Management System (earlier ver) Application used for capturing lecturer's attendance
Online features for capturing student's attendance Online features for capturing topics that was discussed in class Built from scratch online shop with PayPal payment gateway
One of the internal application used in the university E-library @volunteerTFI's website
A blog about traveling   
Photos 1 - 10 out of 10 | Back to Albums
Description: Several milestones in my years involved in application development. So, it is included but not limited to. Most of these screenshots are actually outdated. I was a web master, a web designer, a programmer, a system analyst, a project manager, a business analyst, and IT consultant. Depending on the nature and the timing of these projects. I had fun and my shares of stress building these apps only to excite the users and clients.

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