Step by Step Facebook as Seen on

step by step facebook on
step by step facebook on

Today, I was opening and found an interesting flash banner that was an ad by GramediaShop.

In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s an online book store that sells books from all KKG publishers, such as Elex Media Komputindo, GPU, etc. So it’s not like the normal Gramedia book store we usually see at the mall. This is more like a direct channel from the publishers itself to you.

Well, what surprised me was that Step by Step Facebook was there on the homepage of Well, it’s not the only book that is getting the exposure. 

It was an honor to be at the homepage of and surely would be an advantage since have such a huge traffic. I’ll say never look so intriguing to me. Especially since they put space for big noisy ad right in the center of the content. It’s so annoying. Just wanna say a big thanks to whoever put my book on that banner. You really make my day 😉

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