Step by Step Facebook, The Presentation

This is the presentation that I made for my Step by Step Facebook talk shows. It’s the final version after continuous revision.  I tried to make it different than the regular pointer bullet by bullet boring presentation, although it still got some in it.

Basically it covers what I’m writing on the book itself. So here it is. Feel free to ask by commenting if you have questions about it 😉

Or you can download it here.

Plus I used this short and funny video about 25 Things I Hate About Facebook by Julian Smith to describe what it feels like to have a facebook account.

One thought on “Step by Step Facebook, The Presentation

  1. Hey Lars Great post, I love techie gagdet stuff. I’m experimenting with OneNote, same premise as above. I’m able to keep project and task notebooks sync’d from my company laptop to my android phone using MS Skydrive. You can’t beat having all your necessary data from the office sitting on your phone.Best,Rich

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