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CEO Speaks, Carrefour on Growth

A few weeks ago I went with friends of mine to this event. It’s a routine event at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL called CEO Speaks. In this event you can get real insight from CEOs from some of the big and prominent companies in Indonesia. Not theriotically, but based on real case. Something you don’t get to see every day, huh? Not to mention it’s also free 🙂

Actually I already knew about this event for a long time ago, but didn’t get the chance to attend it before. My regrets if all the CEO speaks was this good. Hoping to attend the next one 🙂

So, this time it’s Carrefour’s turn to get into the spot light with their new CEO, Shafie Shamsuddin. At first, I thought he was Indonesian, but he said he was Singaporean Malayan at the beginning of the session. Previously Mr. Shamsuddin had worked at Carrefour in Malaysia and Singapore too. He told us, that before, Carrefour top management was always filled with fellow French and it was impossible for Asian like him to enter the ring, until Continue reading CEO Speaks, Carrefour on Growth