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Hey, SartikaKurniali.com Got a Blog Award

Weekly winner for Internet Sehat Blog Award, first week of August 2009I build this blog back on April 2009. It was after I’ve decided that I want “my own” blog. Not that this is my first blog. Before, I used retsu782000pocket as my personal blog. After blogging with blogspot for a while I think I’m ready for the real thing.

As a blogger you get “paid” when someone made a good comment and people talked about your blog. Today, I was surprised when someone added me as a friend in facebook and told me that he saw my blog on detikInet. It turned out that I was one of the weekly winner. So, thank you to the judges at Internet Sehat Blog Award that pick this blog. Not to mention the expose on detikInet. It really helped me to promote this blog and boosted my spirit to blog more and more 🙂

This is what they were saying about this blog on the announcement: Continue reading Hey, SartikaKurniali.com Got a Blog Award