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Role of Social Media Applications on The Internet in Knowledge Management Process

This is just yet another my college assignment on Strategic Knowledge Management. In this paper I tried to find a connection between knowledge management and the hype of social media.


Application of knowledge management on the Internet is increasing. This is because the Internet offers new opportunities to use the knowledge assets, defining new types of knowledge assets, and spread even outside the organization. On the Internet itself now appears social media as a system of Internet-based knowledge sharing. Social media itself is nothing new, but now has changed into enabling more interactions in a more interactive ways and the number of the users has increased more then ever. The results showed knowledge management and social media have almost the same components. This allows the role of social media on the application of knowledge management, such as a collaboration tool with a clear business objective.

So, here it is and tell me Continue reading Role of Social Media Applications on The Internet in Knowledge Management Process

Fundamental Concepts and Theories in Knowledge Management

These are my note on the first session of Strategic Knowledge Management.

What drived company from the past up until now:

Cost (70’s) –> quality –> speed –> creativity (21st century)

This is why knowledge management is important. Because it can drive creativity and as a repository of it.

Industrial economy (commercial products) –> knowledge economy(service and expertise)

These two will be a business outcome to the company.

Some new customer expectation includes: