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Web Comparison

Web Comparison, International Consumer Product: Nokia, Samsung Mobile, Sony Ericsson

Web Comparison
Web Comparison

This is a group presentation we did on class. Here we did a comparison for 3 international consumer product. In this case they were Nokia, Samsung Mobile, Sony Ericsson. You might find it interesting.  Before jumping into the comparison in detail, I want to highlight some points, such as how cell phones (They are the big 3 in cell phones industry) has evolved and why web is important for these companies?

  • Most cellphone user internet literature and familiar with e-commerce.
  • User diversity
  • User need detail info of the product (specification, dimention,etc)
  • Upgrade/download system or other application  (even can drive more profit)
  • Vendors need third party development to improve their platform

You also can find some unique characteristics in these webs, such as:

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hot on facebook

Step by Step Facebook is Hot on Facebook

hot on facebook
hot on facebook

A few weeks ago I received this email from Slideshare. The email told me that my preview of the book Step by Step Facebook is being talked about on Facebook more than any other document on SlideShare at that point. So they’ve put it on the homepage of SlideShare.net (in the “Hot on Facebook” section).

I just feel happy that people are talking about it 🙂 This email really made my day. Check out the presentation Continue reading

Step by Step Facebook The Next Level front

Step by Step Facebook, The Next Level

Step by Step Facebook The Next Level
Step by Step Facebook The Next Level
Step by Step Facebook The Next Level
Step by Step Facebook The Next Level

Step by Step Facebook, The Next Level is my newest book. It’s pretty much a sequel to the previous book, Step by Step Facebook.

So, what makes it different? This book focus on talking about Facebook from a professional, business, and developer perspective. You can tell that from the contents too. Enough said because you can take a sneak peak on the exclusive preview below.

The book is published on 15th September 2009, but you can get it faster by doing a pre order at bukukita.com + 15% off. Thanks to bukukita.com (Mr. Setiawan) for doing this and helping me with the testimonials. Also for AstraWorld (Mr. Karnanda Kurniardhi), Elex Media Komputindo (Mr. Willys Octavianus), Forum Pembaca Kompas (Mr.Agus Hamonangan), YL, Mr. Alan Hakim, and Mr. Fatrika Istifarjua for letting me use your page as a study case and giving me the testimonial. A special thanks goes to Mr. Onno W. Purbo for giving his opinion on the book. It is an honor for me 🙂

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Step by Step Facebook The Next Level

Facebook Marketing 101 for Business

Astra World
Astra World

Last Saturday, I was invited to an event by AstraWorld to share some insight on how to use facebook for business. It was their soft launching of the AstraWorld community.

In this presentation I try to depict these points here:

For what?
What you can get from using facebook as one of your business and marketing tools.

How Get to know with the “Social Network”
Why you need to know about facebook and what are the odds.

The tools
Introducing you to facebook tools that will help your presence in facebook and communicate with your targets.

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Download Step by Step Facebook The Next Level

Free Step by Step Facebook Sample Chapter

This is a glimpse of what you can read on Step by Step Facebook. I give you a sample chapter on the third chapter.  This is the table of contents:

1. Apa Itu Facebook?
1.1 Mengapa Social Networking?
1.2 Mari Berkenalan dengan facebook
1.3 Kelebihan dan Kekurangan facebook
1.4 The Next facebook

2. Menjaring Teman

2.1        Daftarkan Saya

2.2        Mengenal Rumah Anda di facebook

2.3        Mengelola Account dan Profil

2.4        Semua Hal Tentang Foto

2.4.1 Menambahkan Album dan Foto

2.4.2 Berbagi Foto

2.4.3 Memberi Tag pada Foto

2.5        Menambahkan Video

2.6        Semua Hal Tentang Teman

2.6.1 Apa itu Teman di facebook?

2.6.2 Menjaring Teman

2.6.3 Menerima Pemintaan Menjadi Teman

2.6.4 Mengelola Daftar Teman

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