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Project Natal

Microsoft is Transforming Your Body into A Wii Remote Controller

Playing game will never be the same again. It’s been a long time since parents are complaining about how playing video games makes their children just sit at home in front of the television and getting obesity. The game console companies had been revolutionized their game by including body movement into the action. And Wii hits it big when they launched the new console. Just by using a Wii remote contoller you can do sports, like tennis, bowling, boxing, etc and even cooking. Combining the game with your body. Wii even have its own Wii Fit Yoga.

So now, Microsoft wants to have a piece of the action. Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda gives Jimmy Fallon a demonstration of the new body-controlled video game system, Project Natal, for the Xbox 360 video game platform. Project Natal enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller, in a natural user interface using gestures, spoken command or presented objects and images. Simply put to say Microsoft is transforming your body into a Wii remote controller, but they want it on a Xbox platform. Continue reading