The BPM Dummies, Free Download

Meet The BPM Dummies
Meet The BPM Dummies

What is business process management (BPM)? It’s a dicipline to design, control, analyze, and improve operational business processes allowing process improvement methodology and enabling technology to be affectively combined, automating execution and coordinating human participation.

We already heard about previous process-centric management approach like six sigma, and lean in the past. So, what makes it different? You could say that BPM is helping them by embraces them and enables them with new tools and capabilities.

Business Process Management (BPM) is useful, powerful and potentially very accessible. But, with so many analysts, consultants, publications and vendors weighing in with their own perspective and opinions, it can be very confusing. The talk about BPM is also frequently tied to SOA (service oriented architecture) because they complement each other. Hence that SOA is also quite hype around big enterprises.

So now, are you interested to know more about BPM? You might want to check out this website, The BPM Dummies. It’s not a all in one website about BPM. This is a website of a book, called BPM Basics for Dummies.

Wait a minute, there’s a catch on the website. Because it’s not telling you to buy the book but to download the e-book for free (legally).You are also being introduced to Ed N. Sand, the new COO of Globalcorp and a BPM dummies. Ed is your typical C level “people person” who thinks BPM will turn him to the dark side. Meet Ed in these 2 animation episodes. It’s quite hilarious.

BPM for Dummies
BPM for Dummies Book

What about the book? I never like for dummies book series. Usually they only cover simple stuff and make it hard to understand with long paragraph and such a thick book about everything. I just don’t get it. If I were a dummy, I don’t want to read such an exhausting book.

So when I heard that the book is only around 65 pages on the Chief Operating Ostrich Part 2, I kind of want to see it. The book itself is quite good because it covers the basics in a jiffy.

Whether you are a business manager or an Information Technology practitioner, the book will provide valuable information about what BPM can do for you—and how to apply it.

This includes:

  • Core concepts and practical ideas.
  • A primer for getting started with BPM.
  • A step-by-step guide for implementing BPM successfully.
  • A compilation of resources that you can go to for additional help or continued education.

If you’re wondering why they are giving away the book, here is why. As you can see the book is a Software AG special edition. The writers are also Software AG people. If you’re guessing Software AG is one of the player in BPM, then you’re right.

You could say that this is a great way to do a propaganda. While other players, like IBM or tibco just posting videos on youtube, they came up with an animated videos and a free e-book. And the website is also a good example for marketing a book, with the character, animation, and quiz. It’s entertaining.

Soa Adoption for Dummies
Soa Adoption for Dummies

Anyway if you’re done with BPM or more interested with SOA, they are also giving away e-book about it.

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