The Evolution of The Web

The Evolution of The Web, in HTML 5. What a perfect way to visualize it!

The Evolution of The Web
The Evolution of The Web

This is a must see link for all web and internet enthusiast, users, and people who are enrolled in internet related studies, like in computer science, information system, new media, digital journalism, and even graphic design.

The Evolution of The Web is depicting how the web was born in 1990 with the exist of HTTP and all that awe technology that comes after that until now. From HTML, CSS, JavaScript to XML, AJAX to Geolocation, Web Workers, Offline Web Apps:Appcache, and WebGL. I even don’t know the latter existed. Luckily you can click more to find more information about each technology.

So, does every browser that enabled us to explore the web. The creator even displayed how each browser has changed since version one until now if you click any one of them. And how some of them has “died”, like Mosaic and Netscape.

As you can see that between 2000 to 2003 there is some kind of vacuum in the journey. I think this is related to the burst of the dot-com bubble era. The web then regained its strength and evolved even more in the coming years thanks to the popularity of the internet because of facebook, twitter, and the whole social media army.

It’s quite comprehensive and very interactive. I wish we could also see how real popular web looked in every era as an example how those technology combined in the web. I think that would give a more vivid insight, especially to those who are fortunate to know the web and internet from the day they were born.

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