The World of Publishing, from My Perspective

It’s easy to guess what I’m about to tell you in this presentation just by reading the title. I’m not bragging anything since I’ve been involved in the world of publishing  as a writer only about a year. Just another newbie, but I guessed I must be doing something right. Because I’ve got to speak in public using this presentation twice in the same week actually. Pretty neat, eh? Killing two birds with one stone.

The first was at a seminar, “The World of Publishing: Good script is not enough!”. It was a seminar to introduce the term writerpreneur and a series of writing workshop by Elex Media Komputindo and BINUS UNIVERSITY. So first, Mr. Aluisius Arisubagjo (Vice Director PT Elex Media Komputindo) and Whindy Yoevestian (my editor) was explaining about the publishing world from the publisher perspective and the workshop. Then what was amazing was I got to be on the same stage as Safir Senduk as speakers. Yes, we were both sharing our experiences as a writer. Here are some pictures from the seminar.

Several links about the seminar:

The second was at a workshop, “Mempercepat Langkah Karir Penulis Produktif”, sponsored by Elex Media Komputindo and Indosiar. I was surprised that this time the audiences were already amateur writers. It was already at the end of the session, so I have to make an extra effort to spark the audience. Well, I used some tricks I picked up when watching Safir Senduk’s presentation before.

Several links about the workshop:

Well, enough about that. This is it.

The World Of Publishing

1. Sartika Kurniali tik i li Writer. System analyst. Internet marketer
2. Agenda Agenda • How I met my publisher How I met my publisher • Why I write • The extra mile h il • Why a good script is not enough? • The pay?off
3. My writing experience y g p
5. Every author in some way portrays himself in his works, even if it be against his will. ~Goethe WHY I WRITE WHY I WRITE
6. Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. ~E. L. Doctorow THE EXTRA MILE
7. The virtue of books is to be readable. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson WHY A GOOD SCRIPT IS NOT WHY A GOOD SCRIPT IS NOT ENOUGH?
8. What makes the readers buy yours? What makes the readers buy yours? • useful content • unique content unique content • catchy covers • provocative title p • catchy synopsis • your name • foreword by famous person • reasonable price • it’s a hype it s a hype….
9. Involve with the post writing Involve with the post writing • Marketing it • Getting in touch with your readers • Engage new ideas g g • Keep on improving yourself
11. My books My books And more to come….
12. Hey, I got to speak in public! Hey, I got to speak in public!
13. Other benefits Other benefits
14. • I don’t have time to write • I don’t have anything to write about • I am not sure I have what it takes • Th editor will reject my work The dit ill j t k because my name is not familiar to them • My vocabulary and writing skills are too limited

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