Web Comparison, International Consumer Product: Nokia, Samsung Mobile, Sony Ericsson

Web Comparison
Web Comparison

This is a group presentation we did on class. Here we did a comparison for 3 international consumer product. In this case they were Nokia, Samsung Mobile, Sony Ericsson. You might find it interesting.  Before jumping into the comparison in detail, I want to highlight some points, such as how cell phones (They are the big 3 in cell phones industry) has evolved and why web is important for these companies?

  • Most cellphone user internet literature and familiar with e-commerce.
  • User diversity
  • User need detail info of the product (specification, dimention,etc)
  • Upgrade/download system or other application  (even can drive more profit)
  • Vendors need third party development to improve their platform

You also can find some unique characteristics in these webs, such as:

  • Region based websites
  • Cool flash usages
  • Aps store
  • Microsite for certain products (mostly flash based)
  • Mobile site
  • Different sites for different kinds of users incl. developers
  • Social media integrated (campaign, etc)

Find out more about it on this presentation and tell me which one is the best web according to you 🙂

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