Who Said We Can’t Take Advise from A Villain with Super Powers?


I have been watching the heroes, TV series since season one and quite fond of it. This series gave away some new perspectives about the word “heroes” itself. It is really something compare to seeing marvel’s super heroes parade (note superman, batman, spidey, etc).

Usually in this kind of story, we all idolize the good guy and mock on the bad guy. This is the story where everything is as clear as black and white. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t always have that luxury. Something that the heroes series is closer to. Suddenly you might find life is grey. And while you get older you find more greyness, like your hair for instance 😀

And I’m thinking it is only sane that we take advise from good guys, but it is also not that insane to take advise from the bad guys. As I watched Heroes season 3, Chapter Three — Building 26 I find this scene particularly interesting because of these lines by Sylar. Yes, Sylar is the dreadful brain man who eats brain belongs to other people with abilities to have their powers. Being a successful villain from season 1 to 4 while others get killed less than 1 season he must have something.

In this scene he was trying to teach something to a young rascal with abilities. This was what he spill out:

Sylar is Giving Away Keynotes
Sylar is Giving Away Keynotes

00:22:30,840 –> 00:22:34,670
Always have an objective.

00:22:34,740 –> 00:22:38,670
Know your end game before you lift a hand.

00:22:38,740 –> 00:22:40,700
What else?

00:22:40,770 –> 00:22:41,700
Keep a clear head.

00:22:41,770 –> 00:22:43,970
Emotions make you sloppy.

00:22:44,040 –> 00:22:46,440
The most important thing

00:22:46,500 –> 00:22:48,540
Is that you understand your motivation.

00:22:48,600 –> 00:22:50,800
Always know what it is that you want.

I find this is a very nice advice to get a direction on what ever that you’re doing. Though I think “negative emotions make you sloppy” is more appropriate. We all need and crave for positive emotions, like happiness and love. I also think “always know what it is that you want” part is a difficult thing to do since we usually got ourselves lost somewhere in the middle of the journey.

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